Business Events


Magic can make it happen!

The key to success always lies in the experience, emotional engagement of participants, and the uniqueness of the event. It becomes even more important to communicate event content that resonates with the target audience and leaves a lasting impression, ensuring the desired impact of a business and corporate event. Engaging meetings, emotionally-charged gatherings, exciting conferences, and unique anniversaries, therefore, demand imaginative staging, captivating storytelling, fascination, and uniqueness, so they can truly serve as effective communication tools. With me and my magic, you can convey your content with that special entertainment factor that stays in people’s minds.

Alternatively… simply gift your guests a wonderful time filled with magical moments! Whether it’s close-up magic or a stage show, anything is possible!

A magical interlude or a full-length program! Everything is possible!

What you can expect:

  • Humorous entertainment at a premium level

  • A positive atmosphere among your guests from the very beginning

  • Whether as the main act or filler: I will be THE number one topic of conversation at your corporate event

  • Need a magician for a corporate party with a critical audience? I can win over even the biggest skeptics

  • Your corporate event will be unforgettable

Are you planning an event where your guests shouldn’t be sitting still but rather moving around freely? And yet, you don’t want to compromise on the entertainment factor?

Close-up or table magic is particularly well-suited for company parties, conferences, client and employee events, trainings, trade shows, or store openings to lighten the mood and break the ice. When the venue is crowded or lacks a separate stage, close-up magic is the perfect choice. The amazement and laughter of the guests always sparks conversations.

The perfect timing for this is between courses or a little later when the so-called “dead spot” approaches and you want the guests to stay a little longer.

During close-up magic, the audience can watch my every move up close and be amazed. Everyday objects such as banknotes, cell phones, rings, balls, glasses, rubber bands, or playing cards are often used. Additionally, upon request, various effects related to specific products can be performed for the occasion.

Simon trickz

Your magician and hypnotist
for Cologne, D├╝sseldorf, Berlin, NRW,
Germany, and internationally.

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