Emotions & Magic

Are you looking for entertainment for your wedding that will entertain guests of all ages and create additional magical moments alongside the bride and groom?

Guaranteed good vibes at any moment: Whether as a small break for the couple, mood enhancer after the meal, or entertainment for guests while wedding photos are being taken – with the magic show, your guests will laugh and be amazed.

For the bride and groom – the most important people of the evening – I perform a special magic trick that will touch not only their hearts but also those of the guests.


Wedding Magician

Looking for a wedding magician? When you book me, you’re getting a professional. With my years of experience as a magician, each of your guests will be greeted in a charming manner and seamlessly involved in the magic. Even skeptics will quickly warm up to it. Right from the start, a special and magical atmosphere will be created at your wedding.

During my performance, I don’t just stay on stage; I engage with the audience directly, performing magic right before their eyes. Close-up magic is the perfect icebreaker for your wedding. It offers an absolutely unique and incredibly magical experience that your guests will talk about for years to come.

What does my magic performance at your wedding look like?

My magic can be booked as both close-up magic (table magic) and a stage magic show. If desired, both options are possible. Close-up magic is especially popular due to its flexibility. Your guests will be immediately involved in the action and entertained in a charming and humorous way in both variations.

When is the perfect timing for a magician at weddings?

During the champagne reception, when the bride and groom are busy with their photoshoot, close-up magic is a fantastic choice. The stage magic show, on the other hand, is perfect for the time just before or after dinner. Often, a combination of both options is booked: starting with close-up magic during the champagne reception and seamlessly transitioning into a magic show that captivates all guests with a magical finale before dinner.

Is a stage required for the magic show?

No, I adapt to the circumstances and venue, so no additional costs are incurred. Just a few square meters are enough to entertain your guests perfectly.

Is there a special magic trick involving the bride and groom?

Every wedding is unique, and that’s why I perform a special magic routine exclusively for the bride and groom, allowing all guests to be intimately involved. This creates an emotional and magical moment for the hosts as well.

Simon trickz

Your magician and hypnotist
for Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, NRW,
Germany, and internationally.

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